Meet the Dreamer: Colin Buxton, Blue Ridge Chair Works

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Colin Buxton recently took the helm of Blue Ridge Chair Works, aided in part by Mountain BizWorks’ Market Advisors business sales and succession planning services.

A Timely Introduction

Alan Davis, former owner of Blue Ridge Chair Works – a company he started in 2000 – planned to retire last year. He needed a successor equally committed to the quality and sustainability for which the company is known. He began exploring his options for succession and the sale of a business he’d guided through Mountain BizWorks’ Market Advisors program, which helps buy, sell, and provide valuation services for businesses. 

Enter Colin Buxton, who got to know Market Advisors Director Chris Grasinger personally. “Chris recognized the potential pairing and introduced me to Alan to kind of try things on to see if we would mesh well.”

Solid Background + Aligned Interests

It was Colin’s aligned interests of woodworking and the outdoors that started the initial wheels turning. He started his journey in woodworking through music, saying, “I got into woodworking through being a guitar player. I wanted to get into Lutherie (for string instruments).” Along the way, though, he found the Vermont Woodworking School and fell in love with furniture making. His time in Vermont led him to a custom furniture company named ShackletonThomas. “I guess you could say my background is in traditional hand tool woodworking,” Colin said. 

That training, combined with his love of hiking, skiing, and general outdoor enthusiasm, meant that transitioning into a company built on craftsmanship and outdoor products was a natural fit. Colin said, “Blue Ridge Chair Works combines two of my huge loves in life –  furniture making and outdoor activities.” 

Putting the Pieces Together

When asked about the Blue Ridge Chair Works customer, Colin looks to the material itself in addition to practicality. “I feel like wood truly has a soul to it,” he shared. “It was once a living thing. It’s got this natural warmth to it…These wooden chairs – they keep a pretty consistent temperature so it’s not like this jarring experience when you get into it. It’s really comfortable. it packs down really really nicely, and honestly my favorite part about wooden furniture is that it shows its patina. It shows its history. It’s like a story when you look at the wear patterns of where it’s been.”

The historical view of each individual product shows the care with which Colin will form the future of Blue Ridge Chair Works, sourcing locally and building to last. “It’s not buying into that fast culture of just like, ‘I’m gonna use this for a little while and get rid of it.’ There’s sustainability at the heart.” 

Building a Legacy

When someone with an entrepreneurial spirit comes along, often the first thought is starting a company. However, Market Advisors believes in business succession planning and finding the next right fit to build a legacy for the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Indeed, the Blue Ridge Chair Works story is a great example showing entrepreneurship doesn’t have to start from scratch. “I think the true draw to coming onto something that’s already been around is joining in on the legacy,” said Colin. “Woodworking has always traditionally been an apprenticeship trade. You work together until you’re ready. I feel like Alan said, ‘Okay you’re ready. Here’s the torch.’” 

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About Blue Ridge Chair Works 

Blue Ridge Chair Works handcrafts high-quality, portable wood furniture in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Established in 2000 by a local river guide who originally made custom wood paddles, the company has since expanded into a sustainably driven business committed to creating consciously made, timeless goods. Blue Ridge Chair Works’ tables and chairs are designed to enhance outdoor experiences whether you’re camping, enjoying time on the beach, or spending time in the backyard with friends. The company takes pride in sourcing sustainable and locally sourced materials to create high-quality, durable, and environmentally conscious products that are built to last. 

Photos captured by Oscar Molina of Molina Vision Media.



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