COVID Interest Only Request

We want to ensure our community and our local business economy is as strong and resilient as possible in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Achieving this requires a proactive and collaborative response from all parties. One element of Mountain BizWorks' commitment is being proactive around expediting 90-day interest only period requests from current borrowers whose business has been negatively impacted by COVID. To make a request, please complete and submit the form below and your loan officer or other Mountain BizWorks staff will be in touch as soon as possible.
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  • Please list all additional owners/officers of the business including their Full Name, Title, Ownership %, Phone, Email. Please list one per line.
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  • If you answered 'Somewhat likely' or 'Very likely', please share some brief details regarding your expectation of how much may be required.
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  • Please include 1) The most recently filed tax return for the business, 2) a current year-to-date Profit & Loss / Income Statement, 3) a current Balance Sheet. IF any of these are unavailable, please note this in the field below.
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  • If you were not able to provide one or more of the above requested financial statements, please explain why below and we'll be in touch to discuss possible next steps.
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