Mountain BizWorks envisions a thriving Western North Carolina in which small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs have access to the resources needed to make their dreams a reality—a region where collaboration, creativity, innovation, and investment generate opportunity and prosperity for all.


Mountain BizWorks’ mission is to build a vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurial community in Western North Carolina by helping small businesses start, grow, and thrive. When small businesses succeed, we all prosper.


Mountain BizWorks is a U.S. Treasury certified non-profit community development financial institution (CDFI). For nearly 30 years, Mountain BizWorks has been making business loans ranging from $1,000 to $250,000 to small businesses in Western North Carolina who may find it difficult to secure funding from banks and other traditional sources. What makes Mountain BizWorks unique is that all loan decisions and relationships are managed locally, and we work to ensure our clients’ success by offering highly customized, peer-to-peer business coaching by an extensive network of local, successful business owners. This innovative blend of lending and learning helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, grow strategically, and create jobs.

Who We Serve

Mountain BizWorks provides business loans and coaching to emerging and established small businesses in Western North Carolina. We have a particular focus on working with businesses unable to access financing from banks and other traditional sources, as well as low-income, minority, women, and immigrant entrepreneurs, and businesses that operate within the local food system.

Core Values

Equity: to us, equity of access is what’s fair and what’s just.

Inclusivity: we are committed to breaking down barriers to opportunity. We say “yes” to those who often hear “no.” 

Collaboration: we wholeheartedly believe that collaboration is the most-effective means of serving the needs of our constituents.

Stewardship: we pledge to be a good and faithful steward of all funds that are entrusted to the organization.

Sustainability: we strive to invest in entrepreneurs that preserve and enhance our region’s unique natural and cultural resources.

Entrepreneur-Centric: we are deeply invested in our clients’ success, taking and entrepreneur-first approach in all we do.

Local: we are profoundly committed to Western North Carolina, our home and our work is focused exclusively in this region.

About CDFIs

Mountain BizWorks is one of nearly 1,300 CDFIs operating in the U.S., 200 operating in the Southeast, and 16 operating in North Carolina. CDFIs exist to provide access to credit and other services that contribute to the economic stabilization of families and communities. To learn more about CDFIs and their impact in the U.S., visit Opportunity Finance Network or watch this short video overview.


Why Mountain BizWorks

We help entreprenuers overcome obstacles, grow strategically, and create jobs.

Our work is all about creating a healthy economy and community in the WNC region. We believe in dreamers and are radically improving their ability to become entreprenuers.