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“There is no success without a successor.”
We value this quote, as it not only pertains to the importance of the income achieved by the seller of a business but also the ripple effect a successful business sale generates, sustaining jobs, and providing value to the community.


Expanding Local Ownership

Mountain BizWorks has spent 35 years building long term relationships with community members, entrepreneurs, and investors. Traditionally, we offer financing to startups and growing regional business as well as learning opportunities but in response to a persistent need across WNC, we are now offering assistance with buying and selling a small business. We view business purchase and sale from a multitude of perspectives, developed over our many years of working with WNC entrepreneurs. 

Covering 26 counties in WNC, we support local ownership throughout the region. Whoever succeeds businesses in these communities must be capable to continue the ongoing local impact that business has built.  

Choose Your Path

We work side-by-side with our clients and guide them through the acquisition process with confidence. Whether buying or selling a business, we are the trusted partner to help small business owners achieve their acquisition goals.

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Sell Your

Selling your business can be a complicated and emotional task. We have the tools you need to make sure your business transitions into the right hands.

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Buy a

Whether you’re looking to go from dreamer to entrepreneur, or are a seasoned owner looking to expand your operations, we can provide you with a variety of opportunities in WNC.

Value Your

Before you can sell your business, you need to know how much it is worth. Our holistic approach will ensure you get a fair and accurate valuation of your business.

Just looking for funds for a business acquisition? Get funding here.

Active Listings

Our active listings of WNC small businesses will be updated regularly for you to browse.

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