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Invest in the impact.

We do our work to help dreamers become the entrepreneurs they are meant to be. This creates the vibrant local economy we love and economic opportunities for all. Learn about our investment options and join us.

Whether you are new to impact investing or a seasoned socially responsible investor, you can grow your impact investment portfolio by investing in Mountain BizWorks’ Local Investor Program. With over 30 years of impact, we think you’ll find many reasons to invest in the work we do.

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Local investing works

How it works

We rely on impact investments from local individuals and institutions so we can deploy loans to local small businesses that create jobs and help grow our local economy.

The money invested in Mountain BizWorks—combined with other philanthropic loan capital—creates the pool of funds from which we lend to help small businesses who can’t access capital anywhere else start, grow, and create jobs in our backyard.

Know the return of your impact

Investors receive a fixed-rate annual simple interest return of up to 3%. This financial return is amplified by a vital impact return, a local economy that works for us all.

100% of your investment goes to help underserved small businesses start, grow and create jobs here in WNC.

Start investing in your backyard

Investment sizes range from over $200,000 to as small as $1,000. We invite you to share in the treasure of creating a more sustainable and inclusive local economy.

As an investor, you become an integral part of why our local economy continues to thrive.

Choose terms up to 7 years

Terms as long as seven years and as short as one year put your investment to work creating impact.

New to local investing?

More reading about how local investing works, and the impact it has on our region.

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Investor Resources

To help you in your local impact investment endeavors.

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