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Realize your business potential. ScaleUp provides intensive growth strategy development and implementation assistance to cohorts of Western North Carolina small businesses with strong potential for growth. This course is offered annually.


$875 for the primary participant and $295 for secondary participants


8 Sessions (3 mos.)

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Cohort 12

2024 - Spring

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Cohort 11

2022 - Spring

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Cohort 10


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Cohort 9


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Cohort 8


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Cohort 7


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Cohort 6


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Cohort 5


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Cohort 4


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Cohort 3


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Cohort 2


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Cohort 1


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Nick Moen

The Bright Angle

"The ScaleUp program was essential in establishing strategies for growth. The problem solving tools I learned in the program helped my business grow."

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Who is eligible to apply?

Growth-oriented small businesses are eligible to apply.

Each cohort will be selected through a highly competitive, merit-based application process.

Founders, owners, or executive managers of growth-oriented small businesses are eligible to apply.

This growth stage of companies—after startup but before maturity—tends to be underserved in Western North Carolina (and nationally). ScaleUp WNC offers a unique opportunity to help expand growth-oriented businesses and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem across this region.

Businesses must meet the following eligibility standards:

  • Be a for-profit company based in Western North Carolina
  • Have been in business for at least two years
  • Ideally have annual revenues between $150,000 and $2,500,000
  • Have at least one full-time employee (can include founder/owner positions)
  • Have identified opportunities for business expansion

We evaluate businesses’ applications based on the following criteria:

  • Clear and compelling elevator pitch
  • Strength of value proposition
  • Reasonable and achievable growth opportunity
  • Proof of strong revenue growth based on historical data
  • Proof the target market can support company growth
  • Potential for quality job creation and retention 

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How it works

ScaleUp is a cohort-based program. Each participant will be part of a CEO network of up to 15 peer businesses and will receive tailored services to measurably advance their business and achieve significant business development milestones. See who is eligible to apply. 

Cohort 12 will begin in 2024 and be fully in-person. The program will include 8 Core Concept Sessions, a Kick-Off Event, and a culminating pitch party.

Interested in being part of our mentor network?

If you are interested in joining our community of mentors for ScaleUp WNC businesses, please fill out a quick—two questions and contact info—interest form, and we’ll add you to our growing network of mentors working to scale small businesses in WNC.

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Entrepreneurship education curriculum

Delivery of proven, established curricula for growth-oriented entrepreneurs and small businesses focused on the unique challenges of scaling established businesses. This intensive curriculum includes an opening VIP kickoff party, eight class-based sessions, and a culminating “demo day” showcase event.


Management assistance and support

Ten hours of one-on-one support, mentoring, and technical assistance from our team of business advisors and mentors with expertise including leadership, market research analysis, business strategy, technology development, operations, and sales growth assistance.


Access to capital

Assistance and connections to growth capital, including preparing investor due-diligence backup documentation, matchmaking events, and introductions with local lenders and investors.


Connections and networks

Strengthening connections and networks, including developing valuable relationships with peer entrepreneurs, support resources, mentors, potential supply chain partners, etc.


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addHow competitive is the application process?

We select around 15 businesses to participate in ScaleUp every year, and competitiveness depends on the number of applicants we receive.

addWhat are the engagement opportunities after this course?

Our ScaleUp family maintains close connections after going through the program; Mountain BizWorks hosts regular opportunities to network and reconnect, and many cohorts stay in touch long after their course is over. Past ScaleUp alumni have also been called on to share their entrepreneurial insight as coaches, mentors, and facilitators for Mountain BizWorks learning programs.

addDo I pay the full amount up front?

We offer payment plans that can be tailored to individual needs. Please contact Holly Rivers at holly@mountainbizworks.org for more information. 

addWill masks be required for in-person classes?

If you’re from a high risk area, we ask that you please do your part in protecting the community by wearing a mask. Prior to arriving for an in-person event, class or meeting please check the CDC’s COVID-19 Community Levels and be prepared to wear a mask if your county is determined to have a High level (red). 

At all times, Mountain BizWorks reserves the right to require masking and make modifications to all COVID safety policy as circumstances and public health guidelines change.

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