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A place-based fund for the NC mountains region.

Mountain BizWorks is a place-based fund focused on the unique opportunities and challenges of small businesses across the Appalachian Mountains region of North Carolina, known as Western North Carolina. All lending decisions are made locally, and all staff are based here in WNC.

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Our Service Area

We serve the 26 westernmost counties of North Carolina with offices in Asheville and Boone.


What you can do at Mountain BizWorks


Come to a free Orientation Session to quickly find your path forward.

Our orientation sessions are a great way to get the lay of the land at Mountain BizWorks before you set off to create all that you dream!

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Get what you need–learn with a group of peers in practical business classes or get matched and work 1-on-1 with an expert

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Get the small biz funding you need when you need it most–we fund many that'd normally have trouble securing funding


The money you invest, combined with our own capital, creates the pool of funds from which we lend to help small businesses start, grow, and create jobs

How we do it

Intentionally transforming our region

Since our founding in Asheville in 1989, the region has experienced a pronounced economic transformation from a region based around traditional manufacturers and tobacco farms to an economy increasingly defined by diverse small businesses in sectors like technology, local foods, outdoors, arts, hospitality, and more.

We invest in areas that traditional banks can’t and emphasize serving communities that have often been underserved or overlooked.

Over 80% of our clients are low-income, women, minority, or rural-based entrepreneurs.

Mountain BizWorks is committed to sustaining this small business-led economic development and ensuring its benefits reach all corners and communities of Western North Carolina.


Join a healthy community of local entreprenuers in dreaming and succeeding with Mountain BizWorks. Get started for free.

We use our newsletter to keep everyone in the loop on all things small business in the WNC region—from new learning and funding opportunities to events and other ways of investing into the success of our economy.