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Where traditional banks see risk, we see massive opportunities. For over 30 years, Mountain BizWorks has been saying yes to entrepreneurs, whose financing needs have often been overlooked and underfunded. Supporting Western North Carolina’s small businesses get the capital they need to start, grow, and thrive is our passion.

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What we provide

Mountain BizWorks believes in the power of local entrepreneurs to create a vibrant local economy. While traditional banks often see start-up and early-stage businesses as too risky, we see them as Western North Carolina’s future.

Mountain BizWorks specializes in providing financing to help Western North Carolina small businesses launch and expand, by offering non-traditional loans from $1,000 to $500,000.

Because all loan decisions are made locally, we are able to support your capital needs and requests with expediency.

What makes our funding different

We’re flexible

We emphasize cash flow, consider non-traditional collateral, and work to craft a loan structure that fits your business.

We're supportive

More than just a loan, we invest in you as an entrepreneur and offer customized peer business coaching by our network of successful local businesses owners.

We're local

As neighbors, we work with our clients to build a vibrant and inclusive local WNC economy.

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Jesse Van Note

The Whale

"Mountain BizWorks provided the capital, encouragement, and knowledge to chase my dream!"

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En Español

Convertir un sueño en un negocio.

También tenemos personal que hablan español para ayudar a nuestros clientes latinos. Para hablar con alguien acerca de nuestros servicios en español, por favor llame al 828-253-2834.

Mira lo que ofrecemos

En español brings spanish speaking entrepreneurs to the table and provides them equal opportunity.


addDo we fund start-ups?

Absolutely! This is kind of our niche.

addWhat if I don’t have the best credit?

Credit issues are not a hard stop for us. Here at Mountain BizWorks we like to help people that banks and other traditional lenders will not. We tend to look more at the individual and the aspiration. If you’re honest with us about potential credit issues we can typically find ways to work through them together.

addWhat if I don’t have a business plan?

Here at Mountain BizWorks, we are a combination of “Learning” and “Lending” as long as you have the idea and the motivation to see it through, we can help you fill in the blanks from there. We offer a variety of courses that can help you develop your business plan and fine tune budgeting and other necessary details. We also offer courses in Quickbooks and have a broad spectrum of business coaches that our clients can be paired with, based on your individual needs. 

addHow much money can I get?

Each entrepreneur and business goal is unique. We have many clients that are already in business and know exactly how much they need to purchase equipment or expand their business. But if you don’t know what you need, don’t panic. Our lenders and business coaches have the ability to help you assess the costs of getting your dream off the ground. 

addWhat is biggest loan you’ve ever done?

We are a local non-profit Community Development Lender. Our goal is to help start new business in our area and offer funding to people that have been excluded in the past. Our micro-lending program focuses on loans that are $50,000.00 and under. But we have been able to do some Community Advantage loans and private equity loans as high as $500,000.00.

addWhat area does Mountain BizWorks serve?

We are able to lend to companies and entrepreneurs in the Western North Carolina region.

addWho can I contact if I’m not in Western North Carolina?

Carolina Small Business Fund is able to help people in the Piedmont and Coastal regions of our state. 

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