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This 5-week course provides a peer-to-peer learning environment for you to assess your venture to date and address the opportunities and challenges emerging on the horizon.




18 Hrs – 5 Wks

The Alpine Course will give you the opportunity to assess how things have been going in your business up to this point, while also visioning for the future. It will reconnect you with the “why” of your venture and help create in-roads to meeting both your short and long term goals.

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Previous Learner

"Mountain BizWorks is an amazing organization that gave us the support and foundational knowledge to start and grow our business."

Sarah Becker, Owner, Bari Salon

Course Plan

Throughout the five week Alpine course, participants will review every aspect of their business model and work with peers and coaches to make holistic improvements and adjustments to better function. This course also provides the opportunity to determine if and when to scale your business model and can serve as an excellent precursor to the ScaleUp program.

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The Terrain to Here

In week one we will revisit your business’ mission, value, and key learnings to date. From there, we will focus on what is emerging for each participant and how we can support around these challenges and opportunities throughout the course.


Narrative of Numbers

In week two we will focus on assessing your business’ current financial situation, look closely at what the numbers are telling us, and determine what the most critical metrics are for you to be watching in order to strengthen your financial future.


The Stories We Tell

In week three, we will review all current marketing efforts and materials to date and revisit the core concepts of building and sustaining a strong brand identity, while gaining feedback from peers.


Future Flights

In week 4, we will brainstorm and create new ideas and pathways for connecting with our clients and customers and cast these visions in financial projections.


The Course Ahead

Week 5 also provides the setting for final presentations of participant’s action plans for moving forward, with time left for a celebration and final reflections, and discussing what support you need moving forward.

Alpine course dates

Find the course date that fits your schedule and location.


Apr 21 - May 19

with Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



addAre all classes online or are you offering any in-person?

Currently all of our learning services are taking place virtually. We will resume in-person classes when it is safe to do so.

addWhat are technological equipment / tools that I need?

To attend our virtual classes you will need a steady internet connection, a computer or reliable device, and note-taking material. Please let us know if you require extra support.

addWhat if I can’t afford the program?

Financial aid is available for all of our learning programs. Scholarship applications are embedded in many individual class registrations; if not, please review our scholarship page and email scholarship@mountainbizworks.org with any questions or concerns.

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