Market Advisors Valuation Inquiry Form

The initial inquiry form for individuals interested in business valuation from MBW Market Advisors.

We look forward to learning more about your goals in determining the value of your business. Please complete and submit the below inquiry form and then we'll follow up to arrange a time to discuss this opportunity in more detail.
- The all in, total price for valuation is $1,150.
- The process takes approximately one month if all relevant historical financial information and qualitative information is provided:
- We provide a multi-approach valuation methodology based on the assets and financial performance of your company. You will see the three methods in the attached example document - revenue based, seller's discretionary earnings based and EBITDA based.
- The *multipliers used in each approach are based on relevant comparative business sales in your industry or business model adjacent industries.
- The valuation is intended for internal use as a tool for understanding the range of business value that could be demanded in the current market. This is not a certified valuation from a CPA that would "stand up in court". For that, you will need to find a NACVA or ABV certified.

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Considering selling soon, selling in a couple years, partnership change, taking on investment or other.

A Couple Additional Items

Given the unusual pandemic environment, we are requesting business annual gross revenue figures for 2021 year-to-date as well as 2020, and 2019.