Art in the Office: Victor Palomino

July 11, 2013

Victor Palomino with his artworkMost of you probably know Victor Palomino as our Entrepreneurship Coordinator – the friendly guy who helps you sign up for our business classes. But did you know that he’s also an accomplished artist?

We recently began featuring the works of client artists on one of the walls in our office. In past months, we’ve enjoyed Olga Dorenko’s cheerful paintings and Alisha Silver’s portrait photography.

This month, we’re featuring Victor’s work. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Victor has been expressing himself through painting, video, photography, music, and writing for over a decade. His recent works focus on the re-use of discarded materials – tile leftover from construction sites, wood, old windows and tech trash.

He’s inspired by pre-Columbian art, and embraces geometry and lots of little dots… In fact, on days when he rides his bike to work, we all marvel at the detailed illustrations on Victor’s bike frame!

Victor is also the Creative Director of CHIVA, a school bus that is being transformed into a mobile workshop space that will take art to communities throughout the region.

If you happen to be in the office in July, take a moment to admire Victor’s work.

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