December 17, 2018

Anthony Thomas is poised to revitalize the Asheville workforce with his revolutionary social enterprise, UpStaff Personnel. UpStaff Personnel grew out of the staffing program originally housed at Green Opportunities. The program was wildly successful, which led them to want to dig deeper on what the possibilities of the program could be. After identifying the potential growth opportunity, Green Opportunities decided to take ScaleUp WNC to see how they might grow the program into a social enterprise. After taking the twelve-week course, they started the social enterprise, UpStaff Personnel.

The team at UpStaff seek to serve two communities; Asheville employers in need and motivated Asheville workers. With the city of Asheville growing at a mile a minute, labor is in high demand. With the assistance of UpStaff Personnel, employers have access to a driven, reliable, and thoroughly screened workforce. Workers are offered consistent employment opportunities and even career paths. This relationship between employee and employer only stands to strengthen both the area’s economy and the community as a whole.  

All workers in the UpStaff family are trained, dependable, and have passed both background checks and drug tests, so employers can rest easy. As Asheville’s tourism economy booms, UpStaff has risen to meet the demand. The range of services offered covers cleaning needs, hospitality, restaurant work, and construction. Anthony Thomas is not only offering the best services possible to the employers but to the workers as well. UpStaff Personnel team members work behind the scenes offering all the support needed to the workers. They can provide child care, transportation, and even counseling!

Equal opportunity is a priority for Anthony.  The social impact of Anthony’s work goes beyond just the people. He seeks to revitalize a locational community as well. UpStaff is currently located on 70 Market Street but will join the movement to recapture the historic “Black Wall Street” when Eagle Market Place opens. The neighborhood in downtown Asheville once was predominantly African American owned businesses before the urban renewal programs of the 1950’s shifted ownership allegiance. UpStaff Personnel will be one of the projects that stands to reclaim Wall Street for the African American community whilst strengthening the framework of the entire city.

Learn more about ScaleUp WNC and if it is the right course for you here

Visit UpStaff Personnel in their downtown offices located at 70 Market Street, Asheville, NC 28801

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