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Welcome to the full calendar of events including business courses, classes, workshops, conferences and special events that we facilitate year-round in support of the entrepreneurial community of our region. Get a full overview of everything we offer at our next free orientation session. Also sign up to get updates in your inbox!

Fun with Financials – Virtual  Virtual

Zoom (Virtual)

Finances are one of the biggest challenges for creative businesses. Numbers can often be confusing and hard to understand. But having a good grasp on your financials is key to running a successful thriving business.  Come spend two days in this money fun class to start from the beginning and then move into creating budgets,

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Hiring Best Practices – Virtual  Virtual

Zoom (Virtual)

All employers want a dream team. The employees that represent our business well, read our mind and perform the job better than we imagine. Having employees is the joy and pain of your entrepreneurial journey, challenging and stressful if you don't have systems in place for them to thrive in the job.  Let's break down

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Bringing It All Together: Planning and Assessing Your Business – Virtual  Virtual

Zoom (Virtual)

Starting and running a business is HARD. The appeal of being one’s own boss is something that entrepreneurs initially think is easy to accomplish. The process of starting all of the necessary systems often overwhelms business owners because there is a lot to do. Starting a business is not just about making sales; rather it

Pay What Your Wish - Min $10

Alpine for Creatives – VIRTUAL  Virtual

Virtual Online — Zoom

The Alpine for Creatives Course is designed to support founders of creative businesses that have been operating for at least one year.   ​​This 5-week course provides a peer-to-peer learning environment for you to assess your creative-based venture to date and address the opportunities and challenges emerging on the horizon. The course will guide participants

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