August 24, 2017

Clients are reporting strong improvements in the local businesses community 

For our Local Business Impact Report we send surveys to all of our small business lending and learning clients from the past year. The client self reported survey asses the number of businesses and jobs that were either started or expanded, and asks questions evaluating the health of the business. 

When our clients were surveyed about how many jobs they created or expanded due to Mountain BizWorks services we found that,


When our clients were asked if they had started or expanded their businesses due to Mountain BizWorks’ services we found that,


In regards to the health of these businesses, when asked our clients indicated that their:

Overall this study revealed the measurable impact Mountain BizWorks and our clients have on the local economy. It additionally highlights opportunities for Mountain BizWorks to better serve it’s clients in the future. 

By analyzing the strength of Mountain BizWorks learning programs we are able to target the specific services needed by clients. 90% of clients reported that their business knowledge had increased and 85% said they had made valuable business connections due to Mountain BizWorks learning resources. Over three fourths of respondents said their business revenue had increased in the past year. With this increased business understanding we were happy to see that there was also a need for expansion capital from 35% of respondents.   

From business strength questions we have suggested additional learning services such as: financial coaching or our Financial Tools workshop for those who indicated their business profitability or revenue had not increased. Additionally, Mountain BizWorks is now reaching out to those looking for additional capital within the next twelve months to make sure they are well prepared for whatever capital they might need for further expansion. 

Mountain BizWorks is grateful for its clients and their impact in the community, and look forward to continue our Local Bizness Impact Survey in the future.


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