Business Coaching

Mountain BizWorks offers highly customized, peer-to-peer business coaching by an extensive network of successful local business owners. Our coaching helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, grow strategically, and create jobs. Coaching is available in English and Spanish. 

To get started with business coaching, please complete the following online application. Once we’ve processed your request, we would love to meet with you in person to ensure we’re pairing you with the best coach. To meet with a business developer for a free 90 minute session, first fill out the application and in your goals section share as detailed as possible what you see as your immediate coaching needs, then request a free intake. Once we process your application, we’ll share calendar links to schedule with the business developer and map out a learning path with our services and other local resources.

RATE: $50/hour. First complete the application and then we will email a pay link for you to pre-purchase coaching hours.

FREE COACHING SCHOLARSHIPS: Available on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who qualify. These are renewed annually and for grant records we need a photo ID, proof of annual household income, and either an EIN or Social Security #.  To apply for a scholarship, select YES at that section in the form then upload, email, or bring in your documents for review. 

It may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the volume of requests. Please be patient while we review your business coaching application and contact us if you have any questions regarding the process. Thank you and we are excited to be your entrepreneurial guides!

Jill Kichefski
Business Coaching Manager
828-253-2834 x17

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