Client Success Story: Genene Curry Accounting

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Somewhere on the fourth floor of the Flatiron building of Battery Park Avenue, Genene Curry is hard at work keeping her clients in the know and in the clear. With a master’s degree in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Genene is more than qualified to keep your books on the up and up. Her services include business planning, problem-solving, and even international tax assistance. She works as hard for her clients as she did to start her own business, which she did with dedication and perseverance. When Genene started using Mountain BizWorks coaching services to advance her business, it became clear that to grow to the next level she was going to need capital. The coaching allowed her business to be loan ready, and to expand. After receiving a small business loan from Mountain BizWorks, Genene how now been able to further pursue working with her ideal clients: artists, community leaders and all other kinds of small business owners. 

Genene Curry believes in meaningful relationships. That is made all the more apparent by the boisterous praise she receives from her clients. With a five star rating both on and her own website, Genene is called “professional and personable”. She’s quick to answer questions and patient when her clients are confused. Her down to earth attitude is clearly shown through her quippy and effective use of language. She says her goal when doing your taxes is to “keep you up to date and out of jail”.

Genene is a self-made businesswoman. She uses her many skills to enrich the Asheville community, by engaging mainly with small businesses and individuals. With Genene on your side, you can focus on doing what you do best without having to worry about your finances. This accounting wiz has the kind of work ethic we all should strive for. By helping Genene on her way, it’s clear that Mountain BizWorks has made a worthwhile investment into the local community, and in a woman that is truly worthy of your trust.

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