PPP Loans: Prepare to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan through Mountain BizWorks. Please complete your application using the following steps.

Step 1. Make sure you have obtained an application code from your Mountain BizWorks lender. That will be required below to proceed to the application form.

Step 2. Download, complete, and sign SBA Form 2483 Paycheck Protection Borrower Application (preferably electronically as you will need to upload it to our online application form in step 4). TIP: make sure you initial questions 5 & 6 on the SBA form.

Step 3. Organize the following supporting documentation:

i) Photo Identification: Unexpired government issued photo ID (can be a scan or digital image of the the ID)

ii) Financial documents used to determine your requested PPP loan size: Here are a few options, with the most preferable being listed first: 2019 Tax Returns, 2019 940 or quarterly 941’s, 2019 Schedule C (for businesses filing as as Sole Proprietor), Payroll Service Records (ADP, Gusto, etc.) or P&L for 2019.

*Important: make sure your backup documents clearly support the Average Monthly Payroll figure on your SBA Form 2483. If we are unable to easily confirm this number, it will delay your application review and could jeopardize its ability to be approved while funding lasts. Review your calculations using this How To Guide from the Department of the Treasury.

Step 4. Enter your code below to continue to complete and submit the online application (attaching the documents prepared in steps 2 and 3) at the link below.



If you have any questions with the application process, please contact our PPP support team.


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