Intro to Invested  Virtual

Virtual Online — Zoom

Welcome to our Intro to Invested class! This two hour session will review the Invested 5-week course, what is covered, and who should participate. We'll dive into the essentials of acquiring capital for your small business ventures. Whether you're launching a startup or looking to expand an existing business, understanding the ins and outs of


Marketing & Branding Essentials (Virtual)  Virtual

Virtual Online — Zoom

You have a product or a service to sell. You are ready to tell the world about it. But, how? With so many ways to market your business, it can be overwhelming to a small business owner to select and create a marketing strategy that is both effective and affordable. Join marketing and branding expert


Financial Series (Virtual)  Virtual

Virtual Online — Zoom

What is covered: Financial Tools - Financial Tools will introduce you to the tools to understand the basics of business finance so you can make informed decisions on how to organize and manage your business finances. Topics discussed are record keeping; bookkeeping; accounting; creating, understanding and using financial statements and reports.  Accounting Software - this class


Foundations Business Planning Course (Virtual)  Virtual

Virtual Online — Zoom

Our Foundations business planning course helps guide ideas from concept to reality in a participatory, supportive learning environment. Join a cohort of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to gain an aerial perspective of your vision and the comprehensive business skills necessary to help bring your visions into reality. Participants will gain a clear aerial perspective of